Curent Student-Athlete Information

FITV 001X-029X Varsity Sports (1 semester hour each)

Credit can be earned by students participating in the following *varsity sports: baseball (m), basketball (m/w), *cheer, cross country (m/w), football (m), golf (m/w), lacrosse (w), soccer (m/w), softball (w), swimming (m/w), tennis (m/w), track and field (m/w), triathlon (w) and volleyball (w). Students must participate in a minimum of 30 activity days during the traditional season in which the credit is earned. Lack of participation due to injury or prolonged illness will be taken into account. Lack of participation for other reasons will be evaluated, on an individual basis, by the Associate Director of Athletics. Credit will be awarded at the end of the season, if the student has not exceeded an average of one FITS/FITV course per semester at Willamette. No more than 8 semester hours from a combination of activity (FITS) or Varsity Sports (FITV) courses can count toward graduation.